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Special Series about Arcadia Land Co. from the Philadelphia Inquirer:

bulletA Solution to Sprawl is Stymied, 5/6/01
bulletBuilder Hopes to Sway Skeptics With a Visit to the Real Thing, 5/7/01
bulletAfter Rebuffs, a Developerís Dream Village Lies in Limbo, 5/8/01

Special Series about Arcadia Land Co. from the Missouri Examiner:

bulletPart 1:  Arcadia: Agreeing to disagree, 6/18/03
bulletPart 2:  Arcadia: Looking down the road, 6/20/03
bulletPart 3:  Church has big stake in valley plans, 6/23/03
bulletPart 4:  Arcadia's lesson? Growth happens, 7/2/03

Sadsbury In The News:

bulletTown in country - battling sprawl, 5/18/07
bulletTrucker killed, 1/11/05
bullet Slow growth in cards for developers, 1/16/05


bullet Regional planning is first step, 12/23/04
bullet Work on a water main reportedly cracked a valve, causing flooding in Sadsbury development, 12/17/04
bullet Christmas tree farms seasoning services, 12/1/04
bullet Pallet company opens new location, 11/24/04
bullet Sadsbury house catches on fire, 11/12/04
bullet Sadsbury bridge reopened for public use, 11/4/04
bulletTaking flight, 9/9/04
bullet County to give land deal OK, 9/3/04
bullet Missed opportunity in Sadsbury, 8/28/04
bullet Hearing in Sadsbury was a sham, 8/23/04
bullet Green building introduced, 8/23/04
bullet Area could rue lost land for business, 8/22/04
bullet Tavern changes owners, 8/21/04
bullet Ahead of curve land planning plays vital role, 8/20/04
bullet Sadsbury re-zones 92 acres, 8/19/04
bullet No to housing near airport, 8/16/04
bullet Protecting the Earth and the bottom line, 8/12/04
bullet Sadsbury growing 'greener and leaner'?, 8/10/04
bullet Property welcomes local companies, 8/2/04
bullet District is selling water barrels, 8/1/04
bullet Penn to eliminate cluster option, 7/27/04
bullet Ethics gaffes show crack in system, 7/25/04
bullet County's officials need a refresher course in ethics laws, 7/23/04
bullet State fines Upper Oxford supervisor, 7/21/04
bullet Program accepting applications for farmers who want land preserved, 7/12/04
bullet No winners in Sadsbury's latest skirmish, 6/29/04
bullet Letter angers official, 6/27/04
bullet Stop the waste in Coatesville schools, 6/12/04
bullet Feeling squeezed in Pennsbury, 6/5/04
bullet Sadsbury holds key to tax relief, 6/2/04
bullet 461-Unit Plan Closer to Reality, 4/10/04
bullet A vote for Arcadia's plans in Sadsbury, 4/5/04
bullet Ex-police officer won't be charged with perjury, 4/1/04
bullet Sadsbury is Developing Nicely, 3/26/04
bullet S.O.S. Group is Saving Sadsbury, 3/18/04
bullet Sadsbury Residents Oppose Development, 3/13/04
bullet Sadsbury's Development Mistake, 2/26/04
bullet Sadsbury Land-Use Hearing Discussed, 2/20/04
bullet Sadsbury Warehouse Planned, 2/8/04
bulletOpen Space, 2/7/04
bullet Sadsbury's Morning Meetings, 1/31/04
bullet Sadsbury OKs Building Plans, 1/21/04
bullet Sadsbury's Leaders vs. its Residents, 1/17/04
bullet Reorganization Meeting Was Vengeful, 1/15/04
bullet Sadsbury Holds Taxes Steady for 2004, 1/10/04


bullet Sprawl in Western Chester County, 12/28/03
bullet A Blurred Vision of Sadsbury, 12/8/03
bullet Residents: Leave Sadsbury Alone, 12/4/03
bulletSidewalk Scuffle, 10/18/03
bullet Developers Go Back to Drawing Board, 9/28/03
bullet Attention Shoppers, 9/12/03
bullet A Need for Change in Sadsbury, 7/23/03
bullet Sadsbury Does Not Want Growth, 7/11/03
bullet Sadsbury Gets New Traffic Light, 7/7/03
bulletIs Everybody Inn?, 6/7/03
bullet Rural Regions Focus on Space, 5/12/03
bullet Sadsbury's Plans for a Village Come at Right Time, 2/26/03
bullet Sadsburyville Improvements Under Way, 2/24/03
bullet Wal-Mart Grows in County, 2/10/03
bullet Airport Unveils its Options, 2/10/03
bullet Heineman Regrets Plea Bargain, 2/9/03
bullet Heineman's Proud Leadership, 2/5/03
bullet Commission: Ex-supervisor Abused Power, 1/25/03
bullet Pallet Maker to Relocate, 1/12/03


bullet Residents Complain of Dust, 11/23/02
bullet Opposition to Additional Supervisors Not About Tax Increase, But Power, 11/21/02
bullet Sadsbury Township Supervisors Consider Zoning Changes , 11/14/02
bullet Zoning Changes Inconsistent with Comprehensive Plan in Sadsbury, 11/07/02
bullet Sadsbury to Vote on Whether or Not to Have Two Additional Supervisors, 10/24/02
bullet Former Sadsbury Supervisor Questions Current Supervisors' Opposition to Referendum, 10/24/02
bullet Keystone Helicopter to Expand, 10/24/02
bullet County Dependent on Development, 10/11/02
bullet Get Smart and Attain Some Knowledge About Your Township Business, 8/29/02
bullet Sadsbury Township Residents to Vote on Adding Board Members in November Election, 8/15/02
bullet Sadsbury Plant to Move to Idaho, 8/8/02


bullet The Trouble with Landscapes, 12/18/01


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