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 Summary Notes - March 4, 2003


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Summary Notes from Board of Supervisors Meeting March 4, 2003

A regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors was held on Tuesday March 4, 2003. The official minutes of the meeting are on file at the Sadsbury Township Municipal Building.

Township Police Report.  Chief Groce reported that during the month of February the Township police patrolled 2, 262 miles and handled 185 incidents. The primary complaint categories are as follows: 2 harassment, 4 domestic, 69 stationary patrols, 57 traffic stops, 6 911 hang ups, 9 accidents, 58 business checks, 5 alarms, 4 assist to other departments, 1 animal, 1 criminal mischief. Chief Groce reported that Warnock Dodge has received the new police vehicle and should be available to the Township within the next few weeks.

Township Engineer Report.  Mr. Lowry reported that 56 inspections have been performed and 68 inquiries have been answered. 13 permits were issued, eleven single family dwellings one alteration and one shed. Mr. Lowry stated he has received a preliminary plan for 45 homes on the Wick Farm. Mr. Lowry stated that Mr. Newton conducted a meeting for the Morris Lane and Meeting House Lane residents to discuss any concerns with regards to a zoning change for the Morris farm property. No comments have been called into the Township office as of this date. Major landowners presented their vision for the future Village of Sadsburyville to the Planning Commission and Zoning Feasibility Study Committee. A presentation to the Board of Supervisors will follow at tonight’s meeting. Mr. Lowry recommended the Board advertises the need of a duplex definition and an amendment to define the two family attached dwelling.

Township Zoning Report.  Mr. Lowry reported fifty nine inspections have been performed and forty five inquiries have been answered. Thirteen permits have been issued for six townhouses, two single family dwellings, and five decks. Mr. Lowry stated regarding accumulation of vehicles and trash on the property. A letter will be sent. Mr. Lowry stated that Arcadia Land Company is continuing their presentation to the Planning he hs been investigating several complaints of trash on properties and zoning violations. Mr. Lowry stated a committee that has been formed to study the feasibility of re-zoning business route 30 and 10 met on December 12, 2002. Mr. Lowry stated that the key developers with property in the vicinity of the village of Sadsburyville are developing a comprehensive plan for the area. Mr. Lowry stated he has received a request from PA DEP for a mailing list of the homeowners in Sadsbury Township. The purpose of the request is to inform the residents of a radon survey they will be undertaking in Sadsbury Township. The survey will also include Parkesburg, West Sadsbury Township, and Highland Township. The reason for the study is to increase public awareness in the state where very high radon readings have been previously recorded.

Planning Commission Report.  Mr. Donald Yeoman reported that the Planning Commission welcomed new member Stanley Przychodzien. Randy White was present with Wayne Lucas of Barton Associates and presented a sketch plan for 2 family attached homes of approximately 70 units in the Sadsbury Village District. Zoning Officer Tom Lowry stated the proposed sketch plan did not fit the zoning for that area. Mr. Lucas described how the units would appear and the layout of the units. A legal opinion from the Township Solicitor will be needed before proceeding any further. Mr. Yeoman reported that Denny Howe a representative of AIM presented a plan for the lot layout and changes to the roadway. A possible connection to Washington Lane is planned should the airport close a portion due to expansion. Mr. Howe will submit plans to the Township engineer for review. Mr. Yeoman stated that Mr. Jason and Joseph Duckworth from Arcadia presented an informal plan for redesigning Route 30. The plan showed landscaped median area at either end of Sadsbury Village with sidewalks and planting strips. It was stated that the funding for this project would come from the major developers. Residents would need to grant easements for the sidewalks that will connect to the Bellaire Industrial Park, Quarry Ridge and the proposed Arcadia developments.

Pomeroy Fire Report.  Mr. Earl Taylor reported that the Pomeroy Fire Company responded to 14 alarms and were in service 11 hours and 8 minutes. Mr. Taylor stated that emergency response equipment has had problems locating new houses in the Sadsbury Village Townhouses. This is due to a lack of street signs at the entrance to the development on Rt 30. Randy White, the developer, was present and stated street signs will be placed as soon as possible.

Sadsburyville Fire Report.  Mr. Terry Franciscus reported that Sadsburyville Fire Company responded to 15 alarms and were in service 13 hours and 21 minutes.

Township Road Report.  Mr. Terry Franciscus reported that most roads are in good shape but some need pothole repairs as soon as the weather warms. There were five snowstorms in February and the Township used 32 tons of cinders and 13 tons of salt on the roads. The road crew temporarily repaired a sinkhole on Helen Street. The 1992 Dodge received damage while moving equipment around.

Township Recycle Committee. No report given.

Other Business.  Mr. Jason Duckworth representative of Arcadia Land Company presented a village concept to the Board of Supervisors. Mr. Duckworth stated that his company has been working on a village enhancement plan. Mr. Duckworth stated that Sadsburyville has enormous potential with historic homes and businesses, restaurant, corner store, parks, post office and Township Building. Mr. Duckworth added that at present, the village is not friendly to pedestrians sine there are no sidewalks or trails. Nearby residents cannot walk to the village, and there are no crosswalks. Mr. Duckworth’s ideas are to create crosswalks and with the new traffic signal, it will make it safer to cross Route 30. A planting strip would serve as a buffer between pedestrians and vehicles; there would be new sidewalks and street trees. Traffic calming on Route 30 would include a landscaped median and entrance signage and on street parking. The village enhancement plan would include walkable neighborhoods around Sadsburyville. There would be pedestrian connections from Meeting House Lane to Pomeroy Heights. Mr. Duckworth answered questions from residents that were present at the meeting.

The first park committee meeting will be conducted on March 20, 2003 commencing at 7:00 p.m. at the Township Municipal Building. All interested may attend.


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