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 Summary Notes - January 6, 2003


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Summary Notes from Board of Supervisors Meeting January 6, 2003 

A regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors was held on Monday January 6, 2003 following the re-organizational meeting commencing at 7:00 p.m.   

Township Police Report.  Chief M. Jay Groce, III Reports to be given at next meeting.  

Township Engineer Report.  Mr. MacCombie reported that Ryan Homes have agreed to pick up the costs associated with the installation of the traffic signal at the intersection of Old Wilmington Road and Lincoln Highway including the line painting. Mr. MacCombie reviewed grading applications for Quarry Ridge lots 54,81, and 142. Lots 54 and 142 have been approved, lot 81 will require revisions. Mr. MacCombie stated he is currently reviewing a conditional use application for JYF Partners for a townhouse development located along Old Wilmington Road, comments will be forwarded to the Board. All phases of the Quarry Ridge Development are currently under construction. Lincoln Crest Mobile Home Park is now connected to the sanitary sewer system.   

Township Solicitor Report.  Mr. Oeste stated he had nothing to report.  

Township Zoning Report.  Mr. Lowry reported fifty nine inspections have been performed and forty five inquires have been answered. Thirteen permits have been issued for six townhouses, two single family dwellings, and five decks. Mr. Lowry stated regarding accumulation of vehicles and trash on the property. A letter will be sent. Mr. Lowry stated that Arcadia Land Company is continuing their presentation to the Planning he has been investigating several complaints of trash on properties and zoning violations. Mr. Lowry stated a committee that has been formed to study the feasibility of re-zoning business route 30 and 10 met on December 12, 2002. Mr. Lowry stated that the key developers with property in the vicinity of the village of Sadsburyville are developing a comprehensive plan for the area. Mr. Lowry stated he has received a request from PA DEP for a mailing list of the homeowners in Sadsbury Township. The purpose of the request is to inform the residents of a radon survey they will be undertaking in Sadsbury Township. The survey will also include Parkesburg, West Sadsbury Township, and Highland Township. The reason for the study is to increase public awareness in the state where very high radon readings have been previously recorded.  

Planning Commission Report.  Chairman Stephanie Silvernail was absent from the meeting, the Vice Chairman Jane Heineman led the meeting. Representatives of Genterra Corporation presented sketch plans for a subdivision of which 10 acres are in Sadsbury Township and the remaining acreage in Valley Township. The sketch plan showed 117 units of which 32 units are in Sadsbury Township and the only entrance onto the property is off Washington Lane. The Planning Commission expressed concerns with the entrance and the amount of traffic that will be put onto Washington Lane. The discussion was tabled until reviews come back from the Township Engineer.   

Pomeroy Fire Report.  No report given.  

Sadsburyville Fire Report.   No report given.

Township Recycle Committee. No report given.  

Other Business. Resolution 2003-01 to appoint the firm Croft, Drozd & Company as the appointed Township auditor for Sadsbury Township for the 2003 year was adopted.

Resolution 2003-02 pertaining to review fees for subdivision applications and professional fees was adopted.  


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