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 Summary Notes - February 4, 2003


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Summary Notes from Board of Supervisors Meeting February 4, 2003

A regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors was held on Tuesday February 4, 2003. The official minutes of the meeting are on file at the Sadsbury Township Municipal Building.

Township Police Report.  Chief M. J. Groce, III Chief Groce reported that during the month of December the Township police patrolled 1, 721 miles and handled 115 complaints. There were 30 traffic citations issued for the month of December. Chief Groce also reported that during the month of January the police patrolled 2,363 miles and handled 181 complaints. There were 30 traffic citations issued during the month of January and 1 non-traffic citation. Chief Groce reported that he has been in contact with Warnock Dodge regarding the delivery date of the new police vehicle and stated delivery should be in March. Chief Groce invited everyone to visit the Township website and historical society news is needed.

Township Engineer Report.  Mr. Jamie MacCombie reported he reviewed grading applications for Ryan Homes regarding the Quarry Ridge Development. Mr. MacCombie stated a problem at the pump station has been reported. The pump is overheating and the contractors are scheduled to work on the pump station on Wednesday February 5, 2003. Mr. MacCombie stated that the traffic signal construction has begun for the signal to be at Old Wilmington Road and Lincoln Highway.

Township Solicitor Report.   Mr. Vince Pompo stated that he has reviewed the SSC maintenance bond. A motion was made by the Board to approve a reduction for the SSC Maintenance Bond Agreement between Sadsbury Sewer Corporation and Sadsbury Township. The new balance of the Letter of Credit will be $24,000.00.

Township Zoning Report.  Mr. Tom Lowry reported that he performed 56 inspections and has answered 68 inquiries. Thirteen permits were issued for eleven single-family dwellings, one alternation, and one shed. Mr. Lowry is in receipt of a land development from Gateway Church for site improvements. Arcadia has been continuing their presentations to the Planning Commission. They will be submitting preliminary plans to develop 45 homes on the Wick farm. Mr. Lowry stated JYF Partners have submitted a conditional use application for 75 townhouses. Key developers with property within the vicinity of the village of Sadsburyville are developing a comprehensive plan for the area.

Planning Commission Report.  Mr. Donald Yeoman reported that the Planning Commission held their reorganization meeting on January 13, 2003 and the following members were elected for the 2003-year. Stephanie Silvernail-Chairman, Jane Heineman-Vice Chairman, Donald Yeoman-Secretary. At the regular Planning Commission meeting the following business was discussed: Denny Howe presented plans for a 12.5-acre subdivision located off Old Wilmington Road. The plans are for JYF Partnership Mr. Newton presented a proposal to change the existing zoning of the portion of the parcel that is along Morris Lane to industrial. A sketch plan shows the John Rock building in this area due to height restrictions. Mr. Jason Duckworth presented a modified sketch plan showing a revised cul-de-sac and reconfiguration of the farmhouse property. Mr. Duckworth received comments from the Planning Commission and agreed to re-think the layout and present new options.

Pomeroy Fire Report.  Mr. Earl Taylor reported a total of 147 alarms answered for the 2002 year. These included 6 ambulance assists, 2 appliance, 20 automatic alarm, 31 automobile accidents, 2 automobile fires, 1 barn, 2 brush, 9 building, debris on road, 1 co detector, 15 dwellings, 1 electrical fire, 1 field, 1 forestry, 3 fuel spill, 1 furnace malfunction, 2 garage, 1, gas grill, 4 gas leak inside, 3 gas leak outside, 4 house, 1 mobile home, 1 motorcycle accident, 3 odor investigation, 1 out building, 1 salvage overhaul, 2 smoke investigation, 6 standby, 2 trailer, 2 trash, 1 trees, 1 trench rescue, 1 unknown fire, 9 wires, 4 woods. Mr. Taylor reported for the month of January 2003 were 7 alarms answered in service 4 hours and 41 minutes.

Sadsburyville Fire Report.  Mr. Dave Reynolds reported a total of 86 alarms were answered during the 2002 year they were for 45 auto accidents, 10 automatic alarms, 1 building, 1 lawn mower, 2 vehicle, 2 fields, woods and trash, 1 gas grill, 3 amb. assistance, 7 trees and wires, 2 debris on the roadway, 2 pedestrians struck, 1 residential rescue, 5 odor, and 4-fuel spill. Mr. Reynolds reported for the month of January 2003 15 alarms with time in service being 10 hours.

Township Road Report.  Mr. Terry Franciscus reported that most roads are in good shape, some are in need of pothole repairs when the weather gets warm. The road crew has used 40 tons of cinders and 17 tons of salt on the roadways the past four snow storms. The 1993 Dodge needed all joints replaced in the front axle the dump truck passed state inspection. The Board will set a time for a road inspection to be preformed at the next regular meeting.

New Transportation Bus Route.  Mr. Mark Cassell representative of the Transportation Management Association of Chester County presented the Board with a draft schedule for the Coatesville Link West, which means public transportation will travel through Sadsbury Township Monday through Saturday. The bus route will be from Coatesville to Wal-Mart and Parkesburg. Mr. Cassell stated the bus holds 20 passengers and is operated by Krapf's Coaches Inc. the base fare will be $1.15 in each direction, trips from Sadsburyville to points south of PA 10 from the West Sadsbury Commons will be an additional .55 cents. There will be special fares for seniors and disabled persons based on proof of eligibility. Currently there are no scheduled stops for Sadsburyville but will run on a flag stop, which means that buses will stop to pick up passengers at any safe location along the route. This services is funded by the federal transit administration under its job access reverse commute program and matched through the auspices of the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare and Transportation. Service is to start Monday March 3, 2003.

Other Business.  Mr. Dave Reynolds presented the Board with a waiver request from Ordinance 1997-07 pertaining to grading. Mr. Reynolds stated the Sadsburyville Fire Company is in the process of wanting to build an addition onto the Fire Company to add a handicap bathroom. Mr. Garris suggested that Mr. Reynolds work with Township Engineer.

The Board is in receipt of letters from Kirk White requesting the use of the Bert Reel Park for the Southern Chester County Baseball League. The letter states that games will start in late March playing Monday through Saturdays. The Board agreed to allow the Southern Chester County Baseball League use of the park pending proof of liability insurance.

The Board is in receipt of a letter from Donna Franklin requesting the use of the Sadsbury Field for the Coatesville Area Fallowfield Fillies. The games will begin March 26, 2003 through July 12, 2003 for junior level girls 10 to 12. The Board agreed to allow the Coatesville Area Fallowfield Fillies use of the Sadsbury Park pending proof of liability insurance.

Stanley 'Tony' Przychodzien was appointed to the Planning Commission for a term of 1 year.


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