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 Summary Notes - April 1, 2003


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Summary Notes from Board of Supervisors Meeting April 1, 2003

A regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors was held on Tuesday April 1, 2003.The official minutes of the meeting are on file at the Sadsbury Township Municipal Building.

Township Police Report. Chief Groce reported that 2,314 miles were patrolled during the month of March with 227 complaints answered. Mr. Groce requested a motion to purchase a portable and mobile radio for the new police vehicle to cost $2,664.45, tracker speed timing unit to cost $1,425.00, misc. equipment and installation cost to be $2,058.00 with a total of $6,147.45 to be paid for out of the DCED grant money. Mr. Groce also discussed purchasing equipment to upgrade for the 94 Ford to cost $746.00, speed track radar trailer to cost $6,640.00 with a total of $7,386.00 to be paid out of the police budget.

Township Engineer Report.  Mr. MacCombie has reviewed grading permit applications for Ryan Homes Quarry Ridge lots 57,58,110 and 149 and has been approved. Mr. MacCombie has also reviewed grading permits for Ryan Homes Sadsbury Village units 105A-105F, 129-129F, 135A-135F and has been approved. Mr. MacCombie has reviewed a revised land development plan regarding Gateway Community Church. Mr. MacCombie stated that a DEP permit for West Caln Developers to connect into Sadsbury Townships sanitary sewer line has been approved. Mr. MacCombie filed an MS4 Waste load form with PAWC.

Township Solicitor Report.  Mr. Pompo discussed the Growing Greener Grant Application letter of support that is requested by West Marlboro Township. He states the funding will organize a watershed steering committee for Buck Run watershed located within the Brandywine Creek watershed in Chester County. They are also requesting funding to develop and implement a landowner liaison program to implement buffer restoration projects using cost share programs available through the Chester County Conservation District and the Natural Resources Conservation Service. Mr. Pompo stated that is will not cost the Township anything but by showing our support to get the study complete. They will need a Township representative to keep the Board updated. Mr. Pompo discussed the cell tower matter stating that Verizon would like to move forward with the application. They have filed for a Zoning Hearing waiving their time requirement due to the fact that they need a lease signed by the Township before they can move forward with a Zoning Hearing. Mr. Pompo stated the lease states that rental payment will be $18,000 a year to be paid in equal monthly installments, the term of the lease will be 5 years and will automatically be extended for 4 additional 5-year terms. Mr. Pompo discussed the two family attached as a dwelling type and by permitting a dwelling for a farm employee and his or her family as a sue accessory to agriculture. Mr. Pompo stated that he met in executive session before the Supervisors meeting to discuss personnel matters. Mr. Pompo stated that he has an automatic alarm device condition for false alarms charge Ordinance. After discussion the Board decided for the Chief to review the Ordinance with Mr. Pompo.

Township Zoning Report. Mr. Lowry reported 41 inspections have been performed and 84 inquires have been answered, 5 permits were issued for 5 single-family dwellings. Mr. Lowry is in receipt of special exception has been submitted by Frank Ward. He is requesting approval to operate a major home occupation in a new home on Old Mill Road. The feasibility study committee will meet after the Township Solicitor reviews the proposed Ordinance language. Arcadia Land Company is continuing their presentation to the Planning Commission. A plan has been presented to the Township by the key developers with property in the vicinity of the Village of Sadsburyville.

Planning Commission Report.  Mr. Yeoman reported that a regular meeting of the Planning Commission was conducted on March 10, 2003. Mr. Jason Duckworth representing Arcadia Land Company and Michael Downs of Chester Valley Engineering presented a preliminary subdivision and land development plans for Octorara Glen. Mr. Yeoman reported that a by right/cluster option plan were shown. The R-1 cluster plan has 44 units on 48 acres with 45% open space. The by right option shows 42 units. The two dwellings will remain on the property. Art Bernardan representative of JYF Partnership presented an alternative plan to the Conditional Use plan presented at the February meeting. The plan shows 150 units with one, two or three bedroom single units including two larger apartment buildings. Access is shown off Old Wilmington Road and Lincoln Highway. The Planning Commission has plans to schedule a work session meeting to discuss the JYF Partners plan further. A land development plan for Gateway Church has been submitted. The applicant stated that they intend to comply with all issues. Mr. Yeoman reported that a special meeting work-session took place on March 18, 2003. Mr. Tom Eells announced that he would be leaving the Planning Commission because he is moving out of the Township. Mr. Bernardon and Mr. Lymberis were present to discuss the alternative plan to the Conditional Use plan. The issues discussed were proposed density, size of the buildings, amount of parking area. Mr. Bernardon stated that the size of the building was in proportion to those found along Lincoln Highway and that extra parking spaces over the required amount were provided.

Pomeroy Fire Report.  Mr. Earl Taylor reported 14 alarms for the month of March for 3 auto accidents, 1 automatic alarm, 1 barn, 2 buildings, 1 co, 3 dwellings, 2 gas leaks, 1 woods. In service 17 hours and 55 minutes.

Sadsburyville Fire report.  Supervisor Terry Franciscus reported 11 alarms were answered for the month of March for 6 auto accidents, 1 building, 1 automatic alarm, and 1 vehicle. In service 7 hours and 16 minutes.

Township Road report. Supervisor Terry Franciscus reported that the road crew is working on pothole repairs around the Township. The road crew foreman is researching a new truck to replace the 1983 Dodge. The road crew removed trees at Old Wilmington Road and Reel Street for the sewer extension. Nothing to report in any of the Township parks.

Township Recycle Committee: No report given.

Other Business: Mr. John Lymberis apologized to the Board for being on the agenda and not presenting his alternative conceptual plan for the Martin tract that he currently proposed 75 townhouses. Mr. Lymberis representatives could not be present at the meeting.

Mr. O’Deens and Mr. Mc Clure representatives of Gateway Church were present and requested a conditional use approval of their final land development plan stating that he will comply with all issues.

The Board discussed that the office is currently utilizes the QuickBooks 2000 accounting system. The owner of the software program recently announced that their company will discontinue their support of this version of software. Mr. Drozd Township CPA recommended that the Township change to a more recent version of QuickBooks that will require an upgrade in the computer systems.

Mr. Garris stated that the year-end December 31, 2002 audit has been completed and is available for review in the Township office.

Mr. Garris stated that the Township is currently in the process of obtaining quotes to replace the lights in the office. Mr. Garris stated that a DCED grant was approved to the Township for office improvements but is now on hold due to Governor Rendells budget cuts.

Mr. Garris stated that the Board is currently looking into borrowing money from Delaware Valley Finance Authority to complete the remaining sanitary sewer project. He stated that the Township Engineer is working on a schedule of budget analysis for the next 20 years with regards to the loan.

The Board discussed purchasing a new Dodge dump truck under the State Piggyback Program to cost approximately $40,000.00. This truck will replace the current 1982 truck.


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