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 Sadsbury bridge opened for public use


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By: Jennifer Marie Savage 11/04/2004 

Township receives donation of police vehicle

After a year's closure, Greenbelt Drive Bridge in Sadsbury Township (Chester County) was officially reopened to the public, and the first vehicle to drive over the newly-restored bridge was a new police vehicle that had been donated to the township. "I said my car wasn't going to be the first to ride over [the bridge]," joked Supervisor Ralph Garris. The supervisors - Dale Hensel, Doug Doratt and Garris - held an official ribbon-cutting to mark the bridge's reopening. According to the township's engineer, Herb MacCombie, the bridge was closed due to deterioration. It had gotten to the point that the weight on on the bridge was reduced to five tons, preventing emergency vehicles from using it. Also, some plankings on the bridge were broken when a sewer truck went over the 60-year old bridge. "It became a life-safety issue," MacCombie said. So with funding that included $14,000 from the company of the sewer truck, work to repair the bridge began. In addition to repairs, the bridge received new tarring and chipping. The total cost of the project was $90,000. "It'll be good to have it reopened," Garris said. Lisa Myers, secretary for the township, said residents had been calling the township to see when the road was going to be reopened. "We have some new developments whose residents use the road, so for them it was an inconvenience," she said.

With the bridge back up to par, it will now be able to handle pedestrian and truck traffic as well as fire equipment, supervisors said. Development spurred the donation of the police cruiser, which replaced a 1994 Ford vehicle. Terry Muto, of BellAire Business Center, donated the vehicle. "The township's emergency service needs are growing," Muto said, "in part due to the park. So we wanted to give back to the community." BellAire Business Center is located on Business Route 30, next to the Chester County Airport. It contains Electronics Boutique and Keystone Helicopter, which is planning an expansion, and Sadsbury Self-Storage will also be moving into the center. With the donation of the police vehicle, it brings the township's posse up to three police vehicles and a regular township vehicle. The police department, which has one full-time officer, started 24-hour coverage this month, and the supervisors said they have plans to expand the police department next year. "With the additional developments and businesses, it's needed," said Police Chief Morris Groce.

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