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Letter to the editor  03/26/2004   

I am writing in response to the letter to the editor written by Neil Heineman entitled, "SOS group is saving Sadsbury" (DLN, March 18).

In my opinion Sadsbury Township is not being overdeveloped. And furthermore, who determines the line between over- and underdevelopment, the Stop Overdevelopment in Sadsbury group or the people?

We are currently developing in the best interests of the citizens of our township. As in all decisions, health, safety and the welfare of the people are major considerations. During previous administrations there were only the planning commission and the board of supervisors. The board of supervisors in all fairness has tried to take one extra step by adding the feasibility committee. The reason this was done was because we wanted to be able to have a third-party opinion and have more input on important decisions.

The board and committees are all made up of citizens of the township. All meetings are open to the public and are advertised as such. The job of the committees and board of supervisors is to collect data from many sources in order to make the best decisions for our township.

In my opinion it sounds as if the writer is saying that SOS has the only correct opinion on this matter. Does one think SOS should be making all the decisions for our township?

I can only ask the writer to please take the time to read the Constitution of the United States of America. One of the major premises in which it is based is "government by the people for the people."

The people elected the board of supervisors to represent them, and make decisions in their best interest. I am sorry if some do not hold the same values I do, but at least we have the same freedoms.

I am not a member of SOS, nor have I ever been invited to attend any of its meetings. Unlike the writer, I have not received any of its research, information or itineraries backing its reasons for "saving" Sadsbury Township.

In conclusion, I can only ask everyone to allow the planning commission, feasibility committee and the board of supervisors to work with the facts and truths without biases.



The writer is a Township Supervisor in Sadsbury.

İDaily Local News 2004

Reader Opinions: 

Name: Stephanie Silvernail

Date: March, 26 2004

Mr. Hensel, your letter does not justify why you believe Sadsbury Township is not being overdeveloped. Developers are drafting new ordinances and rewriting ordinances as well as requesting zoning changes for Sadsbury so they can put in the developments they want. Health, Safety and Welfare are not just "Considerations", but are objectives of the Townships' Zoning Ordinance in order to maintain responsible growth in the Township. As former Chairperson of the Planning Commission, the residents were encouraged to attend all meetings including issues that affected them directly. When the issue of an Agriculture Security Zone was brought before the Planning Commission, letters to the farmers were sent to them to attend the meetings for their thoughts. You have firsthand knowledge of this as you have been a member of the Planning Commission for several years. The feasibility committee was formed to consider the impact of a 450+ unit high density development and zoning changes. To date, there has never been a written opinion from the Feasibility Committee justifying their decisions to change zoning in certain areas of the Township. It will be interesting to see if the feasibility committee will continue to exist once a decision has been made with regard to the proposal. We are all aware that the present Board of Supervisors were elected by the people, however, you must remember we also cannot have taxation without representation. You certainly can't state that you have not seen any of the newsletters SOS has sent out. The survey SOS conducted was presented to the Board of Supervisors and mentioned in the Township newsletter.


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