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Letter to the editor  03/18/2004   

I recently received the Sadsbury Township 2004 newsletter in the mail, on the back of which is a paragraph titled "Anonymous Critics."  

With it, the supervisors are trying to discredit a group of citizens that has formed to tell the real story on the current supervisors’ giveaway of township zoning. 

This group is called SOS, which stands for Stop Over-development in Sadsbury. 

Although I am not a member of that group, I have received all of its material and have viewed its Web site. I can say with absolute honesty that if a resident is looking for true and honest information, they should read the SOS newsletters and view the Web site. 

The letters and the Web site contain information not found anywhere in the Sadsbury Township Web site or newsletter. In fact, this newsletter is the first one issued for several years and does not contain any useful information concerning the zoning activities of the supervisors. 

Residents not attending meetings have no way of knowing what is going on. The SOS group is their only source of information. 

The newsletter refers to the "most outrageous example is the recent anonymous survey questionnaire." The supervisors should have done this work themselves. They were asked numerous times to conduct a survey of residents and they refused to do so. The survey is very straightforward and contains no "unfair and personal" information. It simply asks residents what zoning changes they are for or against. 

The survey taken by SOS was by no means anonymous as the members circulated it in person. I would recommend any person who is interested in the truth and honest answers contact SOS and visit its Web site. They will never receive the whole story from the Sadsbury Township supervisors. 



İDaily Local News 2004

Reader Opinions: 

Name: Lem Mason

Date: March 18, 2004

It also claims personal attacks on the supervisors.... This is an open invitation for any supervisor to come forward and point out anything in the SOS mailing that is not factual. Please point out anything that is personal. The supervisor's aren't smart enough to realize that bashing an organization that spent their own time and money to come up with the real facts on the township issues i.e.; do their (supervisors') job, only make them appear more foolish than they do now.

Almost humorous is that they call the Sadsburyville.com website a lookalike designed to mislead people into thinking it is a township sponsored website...This is like saying people can be fooled into thinking Ripple is a fine burgundy...The Sadsburyville.com website is professional and factually intense, not an advertisement for developers and the local developers' business.


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