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 Feeling squeezed in Pennsbury


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Letter to the editor  06/05/04

The land developers (i.e. ravagers) are pushing harder. I note the Pennsbury debacle.

A landowner is trying to sell two parcels of land, 19 acres total. The parcels are divided by our Pennsbury municipal building and tract of land. Without residents’ consent our supervisors have offered to lease the developers this ground. This would make these parcels contiguous and hence meet our ordinance requirements. This has angered the residents, but the intended usage for the land angers them even more.

The developers want to milk this deal by making a high-density development. Of course this is obscured by nice words and phrases like "village," "inevitable growth," "great opportunity," "avoiding suburban sprawl," etc.

Even Nancy Mohr of the Chester County 2020 Trust is urging us with this same jargon. I guess the "2020" stands for good vision but I think they’re near-sighted.

These developers are blinded by greed. Consider that they want to pack 154 condos, houses and shops along with a restaurant onto this small tract, along with our township building. The houses will be on a tiny plot with a one-car garage, and they hope to get $480,000 for them.

Lots of luck. They don’t realize or care that the noise from a 50-foot setback, plus the pollution of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons have made us a Valium society. I live next to this project in the lovely community of Hamorton Woods. Even with four times the setback, many residents here are lobbying for berms, trees and other sound barriers.

The good residents have flocked to hearings on this project. They have listened, researched and made suggestions but been ignored. The developers have even had the audacity to threaten us with a fast-food mall and gas station if we don’t accept their proposal.

We’ve asked them to consider scaling down since their plans are right on the edge of practicality. But no, they want all they can get.

This is the test case Chester Countians should follow. Like the Sahas of Valley, we’re being squeezed.

They talk about preserving open space from one side of their mouth. Then they want to pack them in like sardines in a can. It’s a can all right, but a can of worms. The worms are bait for apathetic residents. Pennsbury’s will not take the bait.

Ken Patchel


İDaily Local News 2004

Reader Opinions: 

Name: Lem Mason

Date: Jun, 05 2004

Ken, We feel your pain here in Sadsbury and I'm sure every place in Chester County that has suffered or is about to suffer rape and pillaging by the true dictator of our lifestyles and masters of our existence... the almighty developer. The laughably manipulated facts and figures the developers present in the go-through-the-motions township meetings cannot take the place of reality, common sense and good taste. The Developer/Supervisor mixture is a lethal cocktail. Developers have unlimited funds and supervisors of 3rd class and smaller townships appear to be very manipulable and eager to be given the decisions in these matters that are being rubber stamped OK'ed. This trend that repeats itself all too often is as predictable as rain in May. Developer presents plans...people vehemently reject plans...supervisors hire developer-recommended 'consultants' to ensure "smart growth"....people vehemently protest the ruination of their quality of life and inevietbly raised taxes...shameless supervisors assault thier erstwhile friends and neighbors with as much conrete and clapboard as the developers tell them to. Worsening the matter is the fact that all the official organizations like the one you mention, Chester County 2020 have ties to developers and are very friendly with them. Research their involvement with local developers and you will see that they are nothing more than a paid lobbying board for them but under the guise of a useful, concerned organization that you would think would be on your side. Here in Sadsbury, one of the developers raping our township presently used his official capacity on the Chester County Planning Commission to manipulate zoning changes that would benefit him a year later when he left the board. Cheney, Halliburton.....they have nothing on the various Chester County administrations that are supposed to be governing these carpet bagging, eco-rapists. Please keep fighting them. Hopefully more people will start to realize that bending to them is the start of a downward spiral in quality of life that can never be reversed. Don't forget who the groveling, bowing and scraping supervisors were when their term is up, either. The residents of Chester County are fighting a war on enviro-terrorism and that we cannot afford to lose.


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