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 No winners in Sadsbury's latest skirmish


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Editorial no. 1  

June 29, 2004

It’s tough to pick a side in Sadsbury’s latest battle; neither is too attractive. We don’t think the "good guy" is the person or organization that sent an anonymous letter to all township residents critical of township supervisors’ Chairman "Joe" Ralph T. Garris Jr. The letter itself presented important information -- the Pennsylvania Ethics Commission’s recent actions against Garris. That being the case, we wonder why the letter-writer or writers didn’t sign their letter? Their decision not to sign it undercuts their message.

But that doesn’t take Garris off the hook. We learned through the letter and through our own reporting that Garris, in the spring, agreed to pay a fine of $800 to the ethics commission. It found he violated its rules by participating in Sadsbury’s decision to contract with his son and hire his daughter. The commission found Garris either "unintentionally" or "technically" broke rules when he took part in the supervisors’ vote to hire his son to maintain township vehicles. The commission also found that Garris was improperly part of the supervisors’ decision to hire his daughter as the township’s part-time secretary and treasurer.

Instead of responding to the commission’s findings and discussing the fine he agreed to pay, Garris has decided to shoot the messenger.

"I have every intention of suing them," Garris said. "It’s ridiculous and I’m really getting tired of it."

We’d rather see him spend his time explaining why he took part in votes when he shouldn’t have, and why he agreed to pay a fine if he was "exonerated" of all the charges against him as he has said.

İDaily Local News 2004

Reader Opinions: 

Name: George Molnar

Date: Jun, 29 2004

As you state - "Why doesn't anyone go to him at a meeting or when you see him somewhere and say, please tell me your side."

Actually, this would be the ideal forum for him to explain "his side." Inquiring minds want to know.

Name: Sally Jones

Date: Jun, 29 2004

Ok did we ever think that maybe Mr. Garris paid the $800 instead of have thousands of dollars for lawyer and court cost. All you people think about is bad. Why doesn't anyone go to him at a meeting or when you see him somewhere and say, please tell me your side. Everyone is always ready to bad mouth before they receive the whole story. I personally like everyone's time would be better helping the CTA organization in getting these taxes down. Let think on that for a while.


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