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Letter to the editor  06/12/2004   

In response to the letter to the editor titled, "Sadsbury holds key to tax relief" (DLN, June 2):

The letter’s author, Tammy Pawling, certainly did make a convincing argument on why there should be an industrial complex in Sadsbury Township. I wondered how long it would take before someone used the figures the Arcadia Land development company provided to argue against the rezoning. As a famous radio personality likes to say, lets get "the rest of the story."

True, there would be a windfall of money going to the Coatesville Area School District, but at a penalty to Sadsbury Township. There is a greater, and heavier, projected traffic volume in the township with the industrial park. Without an earned income tax system, employees at the industrial park pay nothing to the township.

Increased traffic, same ol’ roads, no additional revenue -- how is the township supposed to maintain the infrastructure and provide adequate services without the proper funding? A township tax hike? And a potentially great one, indeed.

I wonder if Pawling is willing, as well as other residents, to pay more to fix what nonpaying nonresidents inflict on the municipality. Arcadia Land has also offered to put in sidewalks to provide access to the proposed development by any pedestrian from Sadsburyville’s main intersection of Old Wilmington Road and Business Route 30. There is a planned small park within the development for light recreational use by any local resident.

Very few problems are resolved by throwing more money at them. Giving the Coatesville school board more money is akin to dumping gasoline on a fire. You get a big flash, much heat, but no sustained comfort. It appears to me that what is really needed is more responsible use of present funds, and accountability for actions, both past and present. Wasteful or careless spending, or both, is no way to run any institution, much less our own public schools.

David Schenfelt


İDaily Local News 2004

Reader Opinions: 

Name: Lem Mason

Date: June, 12 2004

Mr. Schenfelt, Your sentiments regarding Ms. Pawling's editorial are correct and appreciated. Sadsbury needs more concerned residents like you to stave off this plague of over-development. I feel the need to clarify a few items however.......Since you are knowledgeable about the sidewalks you must have been at the meetings regarding them? You then remember that only two residents who actually live in those properties wanted them. They were also being pushed by the local business owner whose two businesses they coincidentally would lead to up Old Wilmington and Rt. 30. Secondly, the sidewalks were a carrot dangled in front of our faces anyway. Arcadia was going to put them in in exchange for the ultra-high density zoning they want to assault us with. Arcadia, who laughably calls themselves "land stewards", also had ball fields planned but said residents wanted what in developer doublespeak are called "pocket parks " (huh??). Since there were never any meetings and no residents in this area where polled by Arcadia, the only residents Arcadia could have discussed this with are imaginary ones they call upon occasionally for their facts, or maybe some in Upper Darby. To sum it up, the actual dimensions of these "Pocket Parks" would hardly qualify as a park to any non-developer. Arcadia calls a 3'x 3' square of sod a front yard, so their version of a park is commensurately as ridiculous.

To answer your question about "would residents pay money to fix what non-residents inflict on the municipality"....there is a core group of citizens who are in fact spending their own money to try to keep this assault on our quality of life at a minimum. That group is S.O.S. Their costly efforts, which should be done by the supervisors but is not, are instrumental in getting more concerned people such as you aware of what is really going on in our township. It is in the current supervisors' best interest to keep the residents as uninformed and in-the-dark as possible in these matters, and until S.O.S there was no way to get credible information on township issues. They have no tax dollars supporting them. It is all funded by members who, unlike developers or supervisors, are motivated only by what are quality of life issues, not financial ones. Arcadia are now playing the "Boo Hoo...I'm gonna take my ball and go home" game. Since they are rightfully meeting with resistance on the very undesirable Upper Darby-style high density TND, these people who take the art of misrepresentation to a new extreme by calling themselves "forward thinking land stewards", are now threatening to build out the by-right zoning as undesirably as possible or sell the land to an apartment building developer to do the same. We need your support as well as all other like-minded residents who don't want to pay a high price to live in an undesirable area. Please come out to all township meetings and tell Arcadia and our apathetic supervisors we will not become West Coatesville. Thank you and all other residents of Sadsbury who have spoken out against the developer funded ruination of Sadsbury.


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