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 Ahead of curve land planning is vital


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Hardly a day goes by when we don’t hear or read about another episode in the ongoing story known as "Growth and Development in Chester County."

The latest chapter deals with a zoning change that will pave the way for a 462-unit "traditional neighborhood development."

Before voting on the change, one of the supervisors in Sadsbury mentioned how some folks were in favor of the development, some were opposed, some weren’t sure and some didn’t understand the proposal.

Seemingly everyone understands now that a residential complex, which will include 57 acres of open space, is likely to be developed by the Wayne firm which was seeking the change.

About 70 percent of this 134-acre tract had been zoned for light industrial use. The reclassification approved by supervisors allows high-density residential use throughout.

Granted, there are many issues concerning development of this land, including tax implications for the Coatesville Area School District, in which Sadsbury is located.

However, we think the bigger picture, and one with which most folks around Chester County would be most concerned, is the issue of more development. Hardly any area escapes its reach.

Might this land and surrounding community have been better served by light industrial development? Perhaps. Might there have been other ways to change zoning in recent years? Maybe. Could there be a developer who would build on this tract so that everyone would be satisfied? Doubtful.

As the developer’s representative said, "The question ..is not whether we will develop this property, but how we will develop it."

In short, when concerned residents wait until late into the game to give their input, it’s usually too late.

Those who truly care about growth and development in their own communities need to make sure the proper regulations and best decision makers (supervisors, zoning board and planning commission members) are looking into the future to anticipate what lies ahead.

The costs of not supplying that critical early input are potentially very significant.

İDaily Local News 2004

Reader Opinions: 

Name: Stephanie Silvernail

Date: Aug, 20 2004

This writer's statement stating the concerned residents waited too long to voice their opinion is incorrect. Many residents have voiced their opposition to this zoning change since it was first presented two years ago, but to no avail. In Sadsbury's case, early input did not make a difference. This zoning change was all about what the developer wanted, not what was in the best interest of Sadsbury Township.

The current board of Supervisors have approved 8 zoning ordinance amendments since February 2004. Two of the amendments were to increase density in at least two zoning districts and add commerical uses where they are in my opinion not necessary. The current board's vision appears to be to overdevelop Sadsbury Township until it won't be fit for anyone to reside. Sadsbury Township needs new leadership, Supervisors that serve the residents, not be served.


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