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 Ethics gaffes show crack in system


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Letter to the Editor                                                                                               

July 25, 2004

Staff writer R. Jonathan Tuleya’s article about ethics violations in Upper Oxford, "Upper Oxford supervisor fined for ethics violations" (DLN, July 21),and previous articles printed by the Daily Local News about ethics violations in Thornbury and Sadsbury bring to light a disturbing trend that is reaching crisis proportions in these and other townships.

Supervisors in second and third class townships can no longer be trusted to be entities that work for the people of their township and not themselves. As harmless as some of these published infractions might appear on the surface, they reflect a character that is manipulable and willing to forgo ethics and honesty for selfish personal gain.

With the money and growth coming into Chester County, the actions of these individuals can have and have had devastating and lasting consequences.

The local government system of Pennsylvania needs a complete overhaul. Developers, relatives, businesses and others who encourage and benefit from these unethical actions would have a much more difficult time manipulating a board of 10, 12 or 15 people than the easy time they enjoy with just three now.

Just like the medieval land baron system the time of three or five supervisors making crucial decisions for a few thousand people is outdated and ineffective for the taxpayers of that township.

I urge anyone who has suffered or is about to suffer the decisions made by developers or relatives of supervisors through the supervisors to write the Pa. Local Government Commission and ask them to review the epidemic of ethics breaches committed by small township supervisor boards and consider this change.

Lem Mason



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