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 Sadsbury OKs Building Plans


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By Bajeerah Lowe, Staff Writer                                                                                                

January 21, 2004 

Township planning commission pared to seven members

Supervisors gave unanimous final subdivision approval to Bellaire Corporate Park and land development approval to Electronics Boutique during Tuesday's morning board meeting.

The approval makes way for Bellaire to proceed with its next phase and gave approval to the company to delineate walking paths on the shoulders of the corporate park's roads rather than install sidewalks as the development moves forward.

In addition, the agreement includes a monetary contribution to the township in the amount of $208,000 that is likely to be used to sewer improvements.  The price equals 75 percent of the estimated cost to install sidewalks the entire development.  Bellaire will pay 83 percent of the amount to the township as its first two phases move forward. The remaining 17 percent will be paid when phase three moves forward.

Meanwhile, Electronics Boutique, the West Goshen-based company, was given approval to build a 318,000 square foot facility within the Bellaire Corporate Park.  The approval also includes a provision for an 80,000 square foot addition.  The company is expected to move its entire facility to the new western Chester County site.

Electronics Boutique is a specialty retailer of video game hardware and software, PC entertainment software and accessories with 1,200 stores.  In 2003 it listed sales of $1.3 billion and had 7,660 employees.

In other board business, unanimous approval was also cast for a motion to reduce the township's planning commission from nine to seven members .  Board Chairman Joe Garris said the decision was made after the feasibility study commission was created.

"They are there to help the planning commission and we feel we don't need that many members," he said.  The motion reverses a 2001 vote that increase the commission size from seven to nine members.

But Stephanie Silvernail, whose term on the planning commission expired, said Tuesday she believed the motion might have been for other reasons.

"I think it was a move so they could keep me off the planning commission," she said.  After eight years on the commission, Silvernail said she assumed she would be reappointed along with member Terry Franciscus, whose term also had expired.

But Silvernail said she heard the board was reviewing resumes so Silvernail said she and Franciscus submitted their resumes.

Silvernail said she had no idea the board was considering eliminated the two seats. "When they added the two seats, the reason given was because there were a lot of new things coming before the township...It seems now the township is busier then ever.  Eliminating the seats seems to contradict what they were saying," she said.

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