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 Reorganization Meeting Was Vengeful


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Editorial, Neil H. Heineman





I would like to highlight a few items of importance to Sadsbury Township residents.


At the January 5 re-organization meeting of  the supervisors of Sadsbury Township, several things happened that show the pettiness, pure meanness, revenge, and stupidity of the current board of supervisors.


As is the normal procedure at the re-organization, members of the various commissions are re-appointed and their terms listed.  However, this year, due to their cowardliness, the supervisors did not have these items on their agenda and it did not come up until the public comment period. It turns out they will not re-appoint the Chairperson of the Planning Commission, Stephanie Silvernail; a previous supervisor and 18 year member of the Planning Commission, Terry Franciscus; and a long-time member of the Zoning Hearing Board, Robert Silvernail.


With one fell swoop they have removed from these positions the most qualified and experienced members.  This all due to political fallout from Stephanie Silvernail having the gall to run against supervisors Garris and Dorratt's favorite candidate for supervisor.  They have sacrificed the integrity of these volunteer committees for political and personal vendettas.  They have sacrificed Sadsbury Township for their personal agendas.


These volunteers gave up hundreds of hours of personal time to perform a thankless and complicated job.  None of these volunteers were given the least amount of thanks for their efforts.   Instead, they were embarrassingly removed from their positions without even a courtesy notification.


I would like to thank Stephanie, Robert, and Terry for their tireless efforts on behalf of the township residents.


I would like to castigate the current board of supervisors their cowardly, petty, revengeful, and stupid behavior to the detriment of the township residents.


Neil H. Heineman



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Last modified: 12/01/07