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 Sadsbury’s Development Mistake


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Letter to the editor 02/26/2004

In response to your article titled, "Sadsbury land-use hearing discussed" (DLN, Feb. 20) concerning Sadsbury Township:

As per your article, Arcadia would like to build 461 homes on land currently zoned light industrial and the township supervisors seem to be in favor of this change.

Here’s why it would be a very large and socially irresponsible mistake:


•    Light industrial would provide more tax dollars for the township and for the Coatesville Area School District.


•    No additional children would be sent to an already overcrowded school system that currently boasts a huge deficit.


•    All garbage and road maintenance services would be the responsibility of the light industrial tenants, not the township.


•    Jobs created by light industrial would help keep our economy growing.


•    Police coverage would be minimal compared to what will be required for a residential community.


•    Traffic would be less. Our road system is already antiquated. Why would we entertain the idea of a new development, which will put roughly 1,000 additional vehicles on local roads?

I would hope that all residents and other Coatesville school district taxpayers would realize that every new housing development that is approved will cost them more in real estate taxes. Growth is inevitable, however, we do not need to change current zoning to create housing where it should not be.

There has been considerable opposition and concern voiced by area residents at the township meetings and I would implore the supervisors to make the right decision for the taxpayers and voters of our township. The American Revolution was founded on "taxation without representation." Is history repeating itself in Sadsbury Township? I certainly hope that we all paid attention in history class.

Rick Persch


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Reader Opinions: 

Name: Lem Mason                                                                                            

Date: Feb, 26 2004 

Excellent points, Mr. Persch.........

The brutally sad reality of the matter is however, Arcadia’s assault on Sadsbury has already been bought and paid for with a 'No Return' policy. No amount of reason can or will spare the future of Sadsbury. Dorratt / Grafton / Duckworth have made sure all that will be left is the name change to West Thorndale.


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