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 Sadsbury Land-Use Hearing Discussed


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Gina Zotti, Staff Writer 02/20/2004

SADSBURY -- Developers Thursday afternoon asked township officials to set a date for a land-use hearing.

"It’s time to leave the informal part of the process," said W. Joseph Duckworth, president of Arcadia Land Co., at a special meeting with supervisors.

Duckworth is proposing a 461-unit residential development south of Sadsburyville.

The hearing would be to discuss changing the zoning from industrial and residential to a planned residential community. The company called its proposal a "traditional neighborhood development," including sidewalks and porches on homes.

"We believe putting industrial in the middle of the residential district is an inappropriate way to zone the land," said Jason M. Duckworth, project coordinator for Arcadia and Joseph Duckworth’s son.

After first suggesting an early April date, the developers and officials decided on May instead.

The developers are first waiting for comments from solicitor Vince Pompo and engineer James W. MacCombie Jr. and then will turn around that information to the feasibility committee.

A meeting with that committee is scheduled for March 11. The committee is then asking for time to review the latest information and officials are looking to start the ball rolling from that point.

"We want to have a meeting on this and think about it and talk about it," said supervisors’ Chairman Joe Garris. The next scheduled board of supervisors’ meetings will be March 2 and March 16, with the latter being only three working days after the feasibility meeting.

It was agreed that the best time to try to pin down a date for the land-use hearing would be discussed at that March 16 supervisors’ meeting.

"That’s going to be a big hearing and a very important thing for this township," said Garris. In addition to the preparations needed to be taken by the officials about the hearing, Garris said he would also like to have time to secure the hall in the firehouse for that meeting since past meetings have brought out many residents.

In the past, when discussing the new developments in the township, residents were so numerous that some were forced to stand outside of the small meeting room in the municipal building.

Garris said he wants to make sure all residents who will be attending would be able to be present in the room during the entire discussion.

The mid-afternoon meeting brought out only a handful of residents. Those who were there were presented with the plan again, although there were no new changes, and had the opportunity to ask questions and make comments to the board and developers.

Sadsbury resident Tammy Pawling took issue with the developer’s fiscal impact study, saying that she did not feel a part of the data representing average salaries for industrial workers was representative of the township.

Wayne Grafton, the township’s land planner, while stressing that he was not taking sides, suggested she save that questioning for the hearing and try to find a different published data source to suggest to officials.

The current zoning would allow Arcadia, which owns the land, to build 440 multiple-family units in the residential district.

The company would like to see the zoning changed so that it could build 461 new homes, roughly half of which will be single-family homes, a third townhouses and the rest condominium units, which would be predominately for single families.

The developers said they also want to provide access on foot to Sadsburyville in addition to bike trails connecting other new developments in the area.

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Reader Opinions: 

Name: Janet Spaulding

Date: Feb, 20 2004

Because EVERYONE knows what Chester County needs is MORE cheaply-built, high-density housing, causing MORE traffic problems and MORE flooding and runoff problems. After all, we want Chester County to be just as packed and blight-ridden as DelCo or MontCo.

Name: Lem Mason

Date: Feb, 20 2004

So Jr. Duckworth doesn't think industrial is appropriate for residential? The overwhelming majority of Sadsbury thinks the blight the Duckworth/Arcadia/Supervisor axis is trying to force on us is inappropriate. Anything industrial, although maybe not ideal, is a far better plan than the clapboard "Smart Development" Arcadia is using its money and political connections to assault us with. Sadsbury Supervisors..... Not that any of you have any conscience, you are going to have to wake up every morning and look at yourself in the mirror after this debacle is thrown up.


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