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Letter to the editor 02/07/2004

I would like to comment on the letter to the editor by Megan Reed, "Acknowledging the open-spacers" (DLN, Feb. 3). Reed should visit Sadsbury Township and see the losers of open space.

The board of supervisors has allowed a local businessman to double the density of a planned apartment development.

Members of the board of supervisors have already mentioned in a Daily Local News article that they are excited about a new township building. That building is predicated on the approval of a plan by another developer, which requires changes to several zoning ordinances and the zoning map. This approval will provide for a planned residential development. The density of this development will almost increase the population of the township by 50 percent.

Their latest plan to eliminate open space is changing rural agricultural land to commercial and high-density housing. Of course, the zoning hearing for this change is scheduled for one of the recently invented 9 a.m. meetings that few people will be able to attend.

Reed mentions the "what-were-they-thinking decisions." I think our current board of supervisors pictures are in the manual defining these types of decisions. Reed should make it a point to visit Sadsbury Township soon. If she doesn’t, she will have missed seeing one of the nicest rural townships before it is given away by the current board of supervisors.



* * * *

The article titled "Chadds Ford authority plans to take action" (DLN Feb. 5), reported that the township’s sewage authority is intending to take legal action to force six homeowners to spend $67,000 to connect to the recently installed public sewer for no other reason than to conform.

It appears that Marx and his disciple Lenin have no better followers than authority comrade chairman Jim Murray and his henchman. Can we expect orders to go out to paint all the homes red?

Malcolm L. Watts

East Marlborough

Reader Opinions: 

Name: Lem Mason                                                                                            

Date: Feb, 7 2003 

Both of these letters and situations and other development situations like these in West Caln, North Coventry etc. point to the need to do away with the supervisor type government on the local level.

As Mr. Heineman so rightly elaborates as to the crisis in Sadsbury three individuals are given empirical power to forever change the township against the wishes of almost everyone in that township. Although it can't be mentioned in a public forum, the citizens of Sadsbury have no doubt as to why these three individuals are doing what they are.

Sadsbury should be a perfect example of why smaller townships should vote by public referendum on issues of this magnitude.

İDaily Local News 2004 


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