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 A vote for Arcadia's plans in Sadsbury


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Letter to the editor  04/05/2004   

On behalf of the Quarry Ridge Community Association Board of Directors in Sadsbury Township, I announce that our community, consisting of 156 single-family homes, wholeheartedly endorses the rezoning of the property off of Old Wilmington Road owned by Arcadia Land Company from Industrial and High-Density Residential (I-1 & R-2) to Traditional Neighborhood Residential (TND).

Because Arcadia will develop this land adjacent to our property, we support its residential proposal, which calls for the creation of a walkable, upscale, traditional neighborhood. Without approval for rezoning, the current zoning would allow more than 440 rental apartments and 900,000 square feet of industrial space to be developed. This massive build-out would overwhelm Old Wilmington Road with truck traffic and destroy the village character of Sadsburyville. In addition, 440 rental families without a vested interest in the positive future of Sadsburyville would be invited to reside in our community.

Industrial and rental development on Arcadia’s land would surely diminish all property values in Sadsburyville over time. Fortunately, Arcadia has proposed and we endorse the creation of a high-quality, pedestrian-oriented neighborhood consisting of 460 for-sale homes that will generate a significant positive tax benefit to the school district and result in half the traffic likely under the industrial zoning. Arcadia’s proposal will also stimulate the revitalization of historic Sadsburyville, the heart of our community.

In standing for this rezoning, we recognize that the argument is not for or against development. Development will occur with or without our consent because Arcadia owns the land and has the industrial zoning rights to do so. The argument is what type of development is best for our community, our personal property values, and our quality of life. Growth cannot be avoided. We must be sure the development that is to be conducted in the middle of our township will add beauty and character to Sadsburyville -- not add empty warehouses and unkempt rental units.

Members of our board have attended public meetings, reviewed arguments for and against Arcadia’s proposal, and have listened to our neighbors’ concerns. We believe Arcadia’s TND proposal is best for Sadsbury Township as a whole.

Denise Hearn


The writer is secretary of the Quarry Ridge Community Associations Board of Directors.

Reader Opinions: 

Name: Lem Mason

Date: April 5, 2004

I can assure you, Ms. Hearn, that you and your board do not speak for the majority of Quarry Ridge residents who will be the most negatively affected by this. Most residents are aware that nice bicycle trails are not going to cut down on the traffic burden the residents will suffer. Your association to the developers involved prompts your letter, not fact. Also, that you have fallen for Arcadia's misleading threat about building apartments instead of the nice warm and cozy neighborhood shows you do not understand the zoning at all.

Hopefully after you and your association take time to research the facts and not the propaganda circulated by the developers involved, you will reconsider your opinion.


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