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 Sidewalk Scuffle


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Bajeerah Lowe , Staff Writer 

October 18, 2003 

SADSBURY -- A proposal for sidewalks in the village drove a sharp divide between township residents as the pros and cons of their installation was debated during a public meeting Thursday before the township’s feasibility committee. 

The meeting was the second of what appears will be a series of meetings to decide what public improvements a group of five developers will make in the township, granted their respective developments are improved.  

Some residents said they welcome the sidewalk proposal, citing it will allow them to both exercise and reach local businesses by foot.  

"I have people walking on my property every day. Why not give them a sidewalk?" said L. Anthony Cabassa, who owns property in the village.  

The five developers, who each have individual development proposals before the board of supervisors, have proposed coming together and making public improvements. Sidewalks along the north and south side of Business Route 30 between First Avenue and the new Ryan Homes townhouse development and along the western side of Old Wilmington Road to the north and south of Route 30 are the largest part of their proposal.  

Arcadia Land Co. President W. Joseph Duckworth, who has taken the lead role in the improvements along with his son, Jason Duckworth, said they believe sidewalks will only benefit the community.  

However, other village residents Thursday voiced strong opposition to the idea, saying it will ruin the historic image of the property. "We’re heading in the direction of a concrete jungle," said village resident Joe Morris.  

Morris, who has been circulating a petition amongst residents, said he is prepared to go as far as filing legal action against the township if the sidewalks are installed. 

Others lashed out at local business owner John Lymberis. One resident said the only businesses the sidewalks will lead to will be those owned by Lymberis’ family and suggested because Lymberis, who is one of the five developers, and others need zoning changes, the sidewalks were being installed in exchange for development approval.  

However, township Solicitor Vince Pompo said there was no truth in that accusation. "I can assure you that is not correct," he said. "We’re not country bumpkins out here."  

Donald Wilkinson, who lives on Old Wilmington Road, told the committee he would fully support the proposed sidewalks and believes the plans are in the best interest of the community. "If they don’t make these changes now, what is going to happen in 30 years?" he said, adding Lymberis "is the best thing that has happened to this community."  

The next meeting to discuss sidewalks is scheduled to be held Wednesday, Nov. 19, at 7 p.m.

İDaily Local News 2003 


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