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 Sadsbury Gets New Traffic Light


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By Gina Zotti , Staff Writer

July 7, 2003 

SADSBURYVILLE -- Situated west of the county’s only city where traffic lights stand block-by-block down the main street, a new light has recently been erected on Lincoln Highway.  

It's the first the township has seen in its almost 200-year history, as traffic congestion and suburban sprawl have expanded into the once rural area. 

Residents and township officials believe that the new signal at Old Wilmington Pike is a step in the right direction for Sadsbury. 

"It's a good idea putting it there," said resident Dick Swiegart. "It was getting too congested." 

Resident Edward L. Kulvicki agreed that a light and more are needed in the area. 

"It's a sign of the times, we’ve got to have a light there," Kulvicki said. 

"Our old country town is going to build up," said resident Rich Feconda. "It’s growing and it’s going to get bigger." 

John Lymberis is a local developer and the owner of Harry’s Hot Dogs located at the intersection of Lincoln Highway and Old Wilmington Pike. 

"Sadsburyville and Sadsbury Township (are) really going to go through some changes because of its pure location," Lymberis said. "I’m an advocate for responsible and positive growth so I don’t think that growth is necessarily bad all the time." 

He said he anticipates that the new light will have a positive influence on the traffic flow around his business. 

"It’s always been a problem intersection due to the sight-distance issue," he said. "We think it’s definitely a step in the right direction." 

In addition to helping with traffic problems, Randy White, a partner with Sadsbury Associates, said he hopes the new signal will encourage drivers to stop in the town and patronize local businesses.  

"There’s a lot of development planned in and around town," White said. "This light is really going to help." 

"It’s been long overdue as far as I’m concerned," said Supervisor Douglas Doratt. He said the morning and evening rush hours contribute to the most congestion in the intersection. 

"It’s one of the many growing pains, but hopefully it will ease the congestion and make things a lot safer," he said. 

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