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 A Need For Change in Sadsbury


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By NEIL H. HEINEMAN , Guest Columnist

July 23, 2003 

It is uncanny how an editorial and letter to the editor found next to each other in the July 11 editions of the Daily Local News relate to each other.

Lem Mason’s letter about Sadsbury Township not wanting development was spot on the mark. The editorial, titled "Young people need a reason to go to the polls," relates directly to Sadsbury Township voters whether young or old.

Over the last two years, two candidates spent a lot of time and their own money trying to educate the voters of Sadsbury concerning development. Did it do any good? No. Have more residents showed up at the township meetings to see what poor leadership they have? No. Have they attended meetings to find out that the developers are writing their own ordinances to replace the strict ones just adopted in 2001? No. Did the most qualified and knowledgeable Republican and Democratic candidates for supervisor win the primary? No. As to your valid opinion that every vote counts, the best qualified Republican candidate lost by five votes. Was there a great turnout for this important township position? No, it was worse than usual.

Mason cites the density that developer John Lymberis is requesting as the highest density development ever put before the supervisors. That is not the only plan with densities not currently allowed. The plans for the airport industrial mall (now Belair Industrial Park) include changing much of the zoning to residential.

The developer is currently writing an ordinance for a density and design not currently in Sadsbury’s zoning.

This plan will put approximately 450 homes on industrial land. Industrial land that could provide much needed jobs and income for the township. Not a great surprise that the promoter for this development was on the board of the Chester County Planning Commission. He was on the commission when Sadsbury township totally revised their zoning. It was the Chester County Planning Commission that provided the grant and the expertise to perform the complete revision.

Now his company wants to rewrite the ordinance. And from what I hear, the current supervisors are falling all over themselves to approve it because they might get a new township building. Great, destroy the entire township as long as you get a new township building. What forethought and imagination.

I have given up on most residents of this township. They have no interest in learning about the candidates or the issues. The good old boys will continue to run the township. The residents will stand by and let this township become a developer’s haven and their own worst nightmare. The traffic light recently installed in Sadsbury will soon be obsolete.

On a final note, the article titled, "Sadsbury gets new traffic light,"(DLN, July 7) stated that Sadsbury is 300 years old. It celebrated its tricentennial in 1982. The way the current supervisors are allowing developers to run the township, you will not be able to recognize Sadsbury Township in 10 years. Over 300 years of historical value will be wiped out.

The writer lives in Sadsbury. 

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