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 Sadsbury Does Not Want Growth


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Letter to the editor

July 11, 2003 

In response to the article, "Sadsbury gets new traffic light" (DLN, July 7), about the stoplight placed at the intersection of Old Wilmington and Rt. 30:

While I would agree the light is an improvement in some respects there are few clarifications that need to be made to some other points of the article for the sake of balance and realism.

Did your reporter only interview the supervisors and patrons of Harry’s Hotdogs one morning? It seems that way. The overwhelming majority of residents of this rural township do not want any type of development. They are aware that development is inevitable but if your reporter took the time to interview some residents in different areas, she would find that only those who have a vested interest in the development of Sadsbury township want it.

Developer John Lymberis said, "I’m an advocate for responsible and positive growth so I don’t think that growth is necessarily bad all the time." But, not surprisingly, he has hopes to gain financially with plans for what might possibly be the housing plans with the highest density ever put before the supervisors. Are people eager to give up their quality of life, watch their own property values decline, pay higher taxes and suffer more crime for a type of development that has a proven history of degrading an area? No.

The residents have drawn their own conclusions as to why and how people who are supposed to be their friends, neighbors and supposedly working for them are letting this happen. While other surrounding townships are being proactive in trying to stop high density and other types of irresponsible development, Sadsbury’s supervisors and other officials are rubberstamping any request by developers -- no matter how bad for the community -- by claiming the zoning laws "need to be amended."

Sadsbury is still a rich rural township. It can stay that way only if the residents come out en masse and tell the developers, supervisors and other entities working against the community, that they are not going to put something that they themselves will not have in their back yard, in ours.

Lem Mason


İDaily Local News 2003


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