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Sadsbury’s Plans For Village Come at Right Time 

Editorial no. 1, dailylocal.com

February 26, 2003


Some characterize Sadsbury’s plans to create a pedestrian-friendly village as "premature." We think township officials’ timing is just right.   

On Tuesday, a group of developers will present their vision for what now passes as the township’s "downtown." Known as Sadsburyville and located at the intersection of Business Route 30 and Old Wilmington Road, it’s a mix of houses, a bookstore and a hotel. Someone can drive through Sadsburyville and not know it. 

And that’s part of the problem. "Speed limit signs alone are not sufficient to slow anybody down," according to Jason Duckworth of Arcadia Land Co. He’s with one of the five development firms working together to create a walkable, vital village out of what’s now a rather nondistinct junction of two roads. What he and the other developers want to create is a town center with on-street parking, a 25 mph speed limit and signs welcoming visitors to Sadsburyville.  

But more interesting and important than the plans themselves are how they have come about: five developers with business interests in the area have agreed that all would prosper if the area were developed with one specific plan in mind. 

We credit the developers involved for agreeing to take this novel approach but especially those who first suggested it: Sadsbury Township officials. "They didn’t want hodgepodge of off-site improvements, but rather one comprehensive plan," said W. Joseph Duckworth, also an Arcadia Land official. That was smart thinking. 

Also intelligent was the decision to pursue this plan before Chester County’s startling growth gobbled up the land around this intersection. As Duckworth pointed out, "It’s no longer if (Sadsburyville’s) going to be developed, but how?" 

He’s right. And Sadsbury officials’ pro-active thinking will help ensure that the answer to that question is, "Correctly." 

©Daily Local News 2003


Reader Opinion:

Name: Robert Silvernail                                                                              

Date: Feb, 26 2003 


There have been several articles written in the Daily Local News regarding Sadsburyville improvements. Based on the imformation provided by Arcadia Land Development at the various Township meetings, Planning Commission and Supervisors, the proposed improvements come with a big price tag. What is not mentioned in either article is that Sadsbury Township would be required to give up a large portion of their Light Industrial zoning in exchange for high denisty residential development. Another fact that was not mentioned was that the proposed residential development would increase our township population by roughly 40% WOW!!!! That does not include two other proposals for high density development already presented to the Township for consideration. There are many issues to consider: school taxes, traffic, quality of life issues to mention a few that need to be fully discussed between the Supervisors, Planning Commission and township residents. This issue is not something that should be taken lightly. I have full confidence in our Township Officials that all the above mentioned issues in addition to many others will fully addressed before any decisions are made concerning Sadsbury Townships' future.

©Daily Local News 2003


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