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Letter to the Editor , Dailylocal.com                                                                                            

October 11, 2002 

By NEIL H. HEINEMAN, Guest Columnist

I would like to comment on your editorial, "Can we learn from history of development? (DLN, Oct. 2). Your wish that that the negative points of development will be considered in the years to come and turned into beneficial ones is a worthwhile but unreachable goal under the onslaught of development.

If you add up the total money brought in by development and the amount of political power they represent, you will realize that there will be no legislative solutions coming from the state or federal government to stop or even deter development.

On the local government level are lawyers, engineers, zoning officers, and building officers. On the county government level, you have massive expenses incurred by the planning commissions and other agencies which enlarge yearly to accommodate the increase in population. Area-wide you have the developers, real estate agents, banks, lawyers, engineers, land planners, water and sewer companies, building suppliers, contractors, etc.

All of these interests are making huge amounts of money fueled by development. Your own newspapers have benefited by the huge increase in population. When you add up all the money (political power) the development arena provides, you can see what an enormous lobby is created.

Due to the cost of achieving a state or federal office, politicians need every cent they can accumulate in order to win said office. The money is supplied by donations from these same entities. I do not believe that anyone is naÔve enough to believe that a politician is going to consistently vote against the issues that benefit those who put him in office.

Your mention in the same editorial the Cornog Quarry fiasco. It fully illustrates my point.

You have several politicians jumping on the bandwagon after the fact. They know that the decision is made and will not be reversed so they have a wonderful opportunity to make political hay. Isn't it funny that their voices are so loud now when it is so close to elections?

The Philadelphia Suburban Water Co. is a hugely powerful entity in the state. It has a direct connection to all those entities mentioned in the above paragraph and is backed, either overtly or covertly, by the same. The decision will not be overturned and will probably never even be seriously discussed. We have a lame duck governor who will not take on the issue. If he won't touch it, you can bet that no one will.

There is not one employee who does not benefit either directly or indirectly from development. Most people don't even recognize their connection.

Development is a two-edged sword. Chester County businesses would die without it and the land is dying because of it. Do not expect any changes soon.

The writer lives in Sadsbury.  

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