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Opposition to Additional Supervisors Not About Tax Increase, But Power

Letter to the editor 11/21/2002

I would like to thank you for your several articles concerning the Sadsbury Township voter's referendum concerning the increase in the number of supervisors from three to five. The voters have spoken and the referendum was defeated. I will, regretfully, except the result. It would be much easier to accept if it were not for the following actions taken by the opponents of the referendum.

The opponents started off their campaign with a lie, stating there would be a tax increase, and ended it with the most preposterous lie of all by handing out a spreadsheet and other information at the polling locations, stating it would cost $48,000 for the two new supervisors. This propaganda would have made the Enron/Arthur Anderson debacle auditors proud. I will not go into the specifics in this letter because it would be too lengthy. I will only say that 99.99 percent of the costs they associated with the increase in supervisors would remain the same, whether there were one supervisor or 10.

If Messrs. Doratt and Garris really believe this spreadsheet, they are totally incompetent to handle township business. If they do not believe the spreadsheet, then this was an outright lie perpetrated to mislead township voters. Since they have used the township CPA for all sorts of normal accounting procedures, including supervising the budget process, why not obtain and include his opinion? Once again, many voters in this township chose to believe the outrageous lies instead of looking for the truth.

Once again, as in every election since 1996, the signs made and put up by the proponents of the referendum were stolen the night before the election. What a bunch of petty thieves.

From the very beginning, this opposition was not about a tax increase. It was about power. They used every dirty trick they could to maintain the power of Doratt and Garris. It is my belief that developers financed both the lawsuit that Frank Pyzanowski filed and the campaign against the referendum. These two supervisors have an agenda to turn this township into Caln or Thorndale by changing zoning for friends and developers. There is already a proposal by them to take large sections of our prime rural farmland and turn it into commercial and high-density housing. If things don't change soon, you will not recognize this township in five years. Another item you won't recognize is your school tax bill. When you have to build new schools for all the children living in the high density housing your taxes are going to skyrocket.

Voters had their chance to try and change this power structure but decided to listen to the "old boys" network. Now when you see all of Business 30 from Sadsbury to Route 10 and from Route 10 into Parkesburg developed into huge commercial enterprises and high-density housing, remember that you voted for this. Remember when you can't pull out of your driveway or jammed up in traffic on township roads that you voted for this. Remember when your school tax bill doubles or triples that you voted for this.

Neil H. Heineman


İCoatesville Ledger 2003


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